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Updates on A382, 20mph, crime figures and more

by Jackie Hook on 19 November, 2020

Below an article I wrote for the Novemebr edition of the Highweek Herald which updates on local news.

“As Covid cases increase again, and we approach Winter, I’m aware that there will be many people feeling concerned from both a health and financial point of view. I therefore remind you that Teignbridge District Council is still operating its Hotline ( Tel 01626 215512 ), which can help you to find the advice you need on a range of topics including access to food, a Hardship Fund, Council Tax reduction, help with rent payments and mental health support.

A few other updates. Work on the first phase of the A382 widening is due for completion by February next year. The road will be closed between Ringslade Rd and Whitehills from Monday 2 November to Sunday 15 November. It will then close between Ringslade Rd and Forches Cross from Monday 16 November until Sunday 29 November. These closures are for resurfacing where the new road will link in with the old one.

You may have heard and read more coverage of the proposed 20 mph speed limit trial proposed for Newton Abbot. This was a recommendation of a Devon County Council Traffic Speeds Task Group, which was set up in response to the huge number of complaints cllrs get across Devon about inappropriate and dangerous traffic speeds where people live. The proposal is likely to include most roads in Newton Abbot, but a full public consultation will take place next year before the final scheme is considered by DCC for implementation.

I have had many communities across Devon contact me and ask if they can have a trial at the same time, highlighting the huge public support there is for lower speeds. Shockingly the biggest killer of youngsters age 5 to 25 is traffic accidents. Many of us will have walked to school when we were that age, but sadly most parents now will not let their children walk to school because of fears about traffic danger. I know many of you have contacted me over the years with concerns about speeds on several roads across Newton Abbot, and I’m hopeful based on evidence from other towns and cities with 20 mph, that we can make a significant difference to safety.

Every week local cllrs have a meeting with the local Police Inspector to talk about current local crime figures and trends. Reassuringly crime figures are low, but sadly only once domestic abuse is taken out of the figures. If you know someone who is suffering domestic abuse please call Victim Care 01392 475900 or Victim Support 0808 16 89 111 . Other crime figures are low at the moment with violence and anti-social behaviour figures benefitting from the pubs closing early. The Police have had recent successes breaking drug supply chains and venues, but this is a constant battle for the Police with the activity often being displaced to other local venues within our area. The Police are able to respond to our cllr requests for speed enforcement, and there has been recent enforcement on Jetty Marsh Rd after resident concerns expressed to me.

To end on a more upbeat note, Christmas will definitely be happening in Newton Abbot town centre.

Currently late night shopping will still take place on Weds 9th and 16th December until 8.30pm. Christmas lights will be switched on during Nov 24th, but without the normal switch on event. There will be free parking in the non-barriered TDC car parks from 4pm on the two Weds, however the multi-storey car park will close at 6pm. Music and activities are still planned to create a festive atmosphere.

There has been a growing campaign for us to support local shops and businesses and I hope we can all make a special effort to do this. Many local businesses also have an ability to order their goods online if you don’t wish to venture out and numerous local food producers will deliver to your home.

As you might expect by now, all of the above, however, is subject to change or cancellation, dependent upon the government’s ever changing advice.

With Christmas approaching I imagine I reflect the feelings of many when I say the only present I really want, is for my children to be able to visit over the Christmas period. With two in London and one in Bath, opportunities to see them have been very limited during the year. Here’s hoping for all of us.

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