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Teignbridge District Council pressing ahead with ambitious projects to meet carbon reduction targets

by Jackie Hook on 3 February, 2021

Lib Dem Teignbridge District Council has unveiled ambitious proposals to address its own and residents’ carbon footprint. The Council’s Climate Change Officer appointed early in 2020 has made rapid progress on several projects, to ensure progress to meet our District’s 2025 net zero target.

Proposals for the Council’s own buildings include installation of low carbon air-source heat pumps, solar PV, energy storage, building energy management system and building fabric upgrades, including Broadmeadow, Newton Abbot Leisure Centres and Forde House. It is hoped that government grants will fund the majority of these improvements.

A provision of £8.2 million has been set aside in anticipation of the waste vehicle fleet renewal in 2022. The intention is to look at the opportunity to replace diesel vehicles with low carbon alternatives.

In the wider District, money from housing developers has also been set aside for investment in the Teign Estuary Cycle Trail and other walking and cycling projects to support a shift from fossil-fuelled transport to low carbon and active alternatives.

Money from government grants and the Council is being used to provide energy efficiency upgrades and lower carbon heating for residents living in low income households and at risk of fuel poverty; saving carbon and reducing energy bills.

The Council is also working hard to promote the use of a district heating system for the major new housing development at Matford, near Exminster and part of the South West Exeter expansion. The heating system, if successful, will utilise heat from the waste to energy plant at Marsh Barton and would avoid the houses needing to connect to the gas grid.

These commitments will substantially reduce the Council’s and District’s carbon footprint, reduce energy bills for the Council and residents, and take full advantage of government grants and developer monies, to save the Council tax payer.

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