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My June Report to the Town Council

by Jackie Hook on 14 July, 2021

Town Council Report from Cllr Jackie Hook , TDC Executive Member for Climate Change, Coastal and Flood Risk Management, for June 2021

Local Plan Part 2 Site Options

On Tuesday June 1st TDC Executive recommended that the draft Part 2 Local Plan has an 8 week public consultation, starting on June 14th.

The documents and the Executive Report can be found in link


The webcast of the meeting can be viewed from within the same link.

Future High Street Fund projects –

You will be aware that TDC was successful in its bid to this fund, receiving £9.2m. The Council approved the projects that form part of the bid at Full Council on April 22nd. The Council papers plus several appendices explaining the detail and rationale for the projects are in link below at item 32 on the agenda.


Re the Alexandra Theatre Mr Andrew Malcolm (Friends of the Alexandra Theatre) asked 2 public questions at Executive this Tuesday June 1st the link below contains the questions and answers from the Executive member for Jobs and Economy.


TDC looks forward to a close working relationship with the Town Council to maximise the benefits to the town of this massive investment in our town centre.

TDC Tree Strategy – this strategy has been put together over the last few months. This strategy sets out how the Council will work with its partners to drive community action to increase tree canopy cover and quality in Teignbridge, focus on ‘the right tree in the right place’, promote best practice in terms of tree management and increase local engagement and interest in trees in the area.


TDC Carbon Action Plan – this Plan is in preparation and will come to TDC Executive later this Summer. There has been delay due to our successful bids to the Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund for projects to decarbonise our Leisure Centres and Forde House, and the need to progress the implementation of these projects given their tight spending deadlines. The 2 successful bids have enabled the Council to address the biggest carbon emitting sites in its control, and reduce our natural gas consumption by 80%.

Connecting to Nature – this is a project funded by Garden Communities in the Heart of Teignbridge, and being carried out by Devon Wildlife Consultants. A workshop with stakeholders was held in February, including several local Cllrs. Some changes to the study approach and content have taken place following the workshop. The most mentioned areas were Decoy and Bradley Woods, and the need to link them, via a natural corridor.

TDC is liaising with Homes England to provide further funding for this project which will seek to enhance and link natural spaces throughout the Heart of Teignbridge for a variety of purposes including achieving net biodiversity gain and improved public accessibility and community involvement.


EV Chargers – 

DELETTI sites – these chargers should be in place later this Summer. Double rapid EV chargers in each of the 4 Teignbridge Air Quality Management Area’s,  including at Newfoundland Way, Newton Abbot and Forde House visitors car park.

In addition the Phase 2 ORCS scheme and Innovate UK scheme, referred to in previous updates should result in a total of 31 chargers being installed across Teignbridge. 



Shared Electric Vehicles CoCars – surveys to gauge public interest are currently being carried out in Teignmouth and will shortly be carried out in Newton Abbot, please encourage wide participation in the surveys.

Thank you for the opportunity to update Town Councillors on the ongoing work being carried out by the District Council.

Cllr Jackie Hook 

Executive Member for Climate Change, Coastal and Flood Risk Management.

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